Flooding in Rockford

September 4, 2006, a severe storm dumped four to five inches of rain and hail in nearby Rockford. The problem was, it came too fast! Severe flooding occured in many places in the southeast section of Rockford. A MABAS Box was called by Rockford Fire for boats. Harlem-Roscoe Fire responded with two boats and eight firefighters to help rescue people from flooded homes and cars.

Firefighter Amber Aaker and myself happened to be shopping at The Pottery Barn at the corner of Mulford and East State Streets during the storm. As we came out of the store we found half the cars in the parking lot under water. I had to go through about a foot of water to reach my truck and was able to drive it to a higher part of the parking lot where I snapped a few pictures. Luckily I didn't park where I originally started to. I would have had to make Amber go get the truck then... :)